Monday, September 14, 2009


Drew & I normally don't give each other gifts. Our first Christmas we bought a washing machine. Our first anniversary we baked a Funfetti cake and went to dinner using a gift card. Second anniversary Drew did surprise me with a wonderful Funfetti cake made by the same baker who baked our wedding cake. Other than that nothing. So, it was exciting to be able to surprise Drew with a gift on a random Monday last month.

I bought Drew a present he's waited three years to receive. Earlier this summer I told Drew I had two surprises for him. One, was a mention of him in a sermon at church and the other came a few weeks later when he had forgotten that he had another surprise. Late in the afternoon I texted Drew several clues about the present.

Clue #1: "Man in uniform."

Next clue was texted by my brother. Clue #2: "you can smell it."

Clue #3: "For clue the third, "face" your "wall". The clue meant for Drew to check his Facebook to see a video post by Weird Al Yankovic singing "Eat it."

Clue #4 was sent by text from his friend Jeff: "like a fine wine"

Clue #5: "twenty"

Clue #6: "Greenville"

then I texted to say, "Final clue will be found with a hug from man's best friend."

Digory dog had the final clue attached to his collar which just read "Bedroom."

Drew was rather eager to find out what was in the bedroom and this is what he found waiting for him.

His expression was perfect.

And what did all the purposely unhelpful clues lead to?

Yup, a KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer. Drew has waited three years and many Macy's gift cards to use one of these to make cookies. The best part? Well other than Drew's excitement and my joy of being able to surprise him... after gift cards, rebates, and free shipping Macy's will actually pay us $1 for our purchase! Yay!