Friday, December 19, 2008

Purple Toes

My most recent attempt at blogging began last week as a medical update saying how great I'd been feeling the last couple weeks, but was delayed due to illness. So, after a week of migraines and pre-9pm bedtimes, the dizziness returned to join in the fun. Thanks to some new magical red pills my doctor called in a few days ago my migraines seem to be gone and I even got to go in for another visit to Dr. S. That made two visits in two weeks! And, to note I am doing pretty well today.

So, since I haven't really given much of a straight-forward medical update in a while here it is. I have POTS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, which is most likely [for me] a chronic heart condition that can be treated but not cured through medicine and exercise. The exercise part is still slow going, but I'm not on the couch all the time anymore so that leads in to the great improvements made in my medicine regime. I take a fair amount and it is clearly helping me to be able to be more functional, less dizzy, and do more. The drugs won't "fix me" but as an example this week I got dizzy Tuesday with a migraine and felt as though someone had kicked my head, sent it spinning off then reattached it improperly so it was a bit rickety and then stomped on it for good measure. Wednesday, was better, I took my special liquid medicine, of which my doctor is having me learn how to titrate my own dosage during bad spells, and I also got a magic red pill that put me to sleep and took away my migraines. By Thursday no one was drop-kicking my head, it wasn't spinning, I could walk into the kitchen and make a sandwich [albeit with a strong desire to be sitting]. And now on Friday, my head is alright and after upping my liquid meds [still within doctor limits] I was able to take Digory dog for a brief half-block walk today by myself. oh, and did I mention I'm blogging? Tuesday reminded me of last year before I was dizzy for a 2-3 month spell, but praise God I'm doing much much better, much quicker.

Back to the specific medical update.. that really is the gist of it. I have this POTS thing and now I have some working medications and a great doctor. Now Drew and I just have to get used to having medications that help some and try to understand how much I can do and be prepared to rest [me, unfortunately not him] when things 'flare-up' again like they have this week. Oh, and on a lighter note I have noticed lately that when I stand up for a while my feet turn purple. They don't hurt and I asked my doctor and he says it's normal.. for me.. so please don't worry, you can think it's cool like I do. I get excited and make Drew come and see. He isn't as impressed as I am, but really, think about it God made me able to stand [at least for a while] with a ton of blood in my legs when it should really be in my brain and I'm not passing out... just able to admire His handiwork. I think it's cool, but then again I'm weird.


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Aviva said...

I'm glad that you've found some medication that seems to working (some) for you. And I imagine having a diagnosis is a bit of a relief too, even if POTS doesn't have a cure. At least that's what I keep telling myself -- that just having a diagnosis would be a blessing.